White House Laments Honesty

November 20, 2017 D. Quixote

By Jefferson Wilson, November 20, 2017   Washington —- White House Press Secretary Sarah God-Forgive-Mee Sanders defended Donald Trump’s condemnation of Al Franken on Friday, noting the major difference between Franken and Mr. Trump.  “Mr. […]


Academies Announce Harassers in Training

November 17, 2017 D. Quixote

By Conway Blather, November 17, 2017   Beverly Hills —- By announcing Harassers in Training yesterday, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, joined by the three major television academies, cast another big wave in […]


Alabama Republicans Propose Child Brides

November 13, 2017 D. Quixote

By Roger Lame, November 13, 2017   Birmingham —-  Citing Biblical passages as endorsement. Alabama Republicans are lining up in defense of Senate candidate Roy Moore’s alleged teen dating and promising to follow up with […]


Onward Christian Solders: Guns for Church

November 8, 2017 D. Quixote

By Jefferson Wilson, November 8, 2017 Austin —-  Following the latest in a long series of domestic mass shootings, Texas Republicans are rushing a proposal to require all Christian churches to partner with the NRA […]


Trump Plans Predator Victim Speech

November 3, 2017 D. Quixote

By Penelope Reingold, November 3, 2017   Washington —- Donald Trump and his closest advisers are working around the clock (the advisers are) on a major speech to decry the unfair pressure, social and legal, […]


Trump Identifies “Liar and Low-level Volunteer”

November 1, 2017 D. Quixote

By Greta Morrow, November 1, 2017   Washington —- After attempting to smear Robert Mueller for months, Donald Trump switched tactics yesterday, following the first indictments generated by the special investigator’s work.  “It doesn’t really […]


DeVos Hires Crooks to Investigate Crooks

October 30, 2017 D. Quixote

By Christian Winter, October 30, 2017 Washington —- Betsy DeVos announced a new Department of Education program today, Crooks for Crooks.  “Who better to investigate alleged fraud in for-private colleges than the very executives of […]

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