Trump Offers Bannon to Putin

August 16, 2017 D. Quixote

By Teddy Lin, August 16, 2017   Washington —- According to several White House insiders, Donald Trump has called Vladimir Putin to offer him Steve Bannon’s services.  As leaks continue to flow out of the […]


Mitch Bristles at Idea of Real Results

August 14, 2017 D. Quixote

By Musby Kidden, August 14, 2017   Washington —- Mitch McConnell was “grievously offended” by Donald Trump’s insinuation that the Senate should be delivering actual results.  Unaccustomed to the concept of productivity, and offended at […]


Oklahoma Taps Disney for Earthquake Park

August 9, 2017 D. Quixote

By Ima Mason, August 9, 2017   Oklahoma City —- Frustrated that Oklahoma’s citizens have refused to resettle to the panhandle to give oil and gas companies unfettered access to fracking opportunities (see October 2016 […]


Caitlyn Jenner Collapses Over Trump Lie

August 2, 2017 D. Quixote

By Musby Kidden, August 2, 2017   Malibu —- Caitlyn Jenner is reported to be resting comfortably at an undisclosed spa following her total meltdown following Donald Trump’s twitter command to ban transgender individuals from […]


Priebus Canned for No Tantrum

July 31, 2017 D. Quixote

By Amelia Vanderbilt, July 31, 2017   Washington —- Reince Priebus was not fired for leaking information, for failing to marshall through the doomed Trumpcare bills, or even over clashes with anyone in the White […]


Trump Re-brands Boy Scouts of America

July 26, 2017 D. Quixote

By Christian Winter, July 26, 2017   Washington —- Following Donald Trump’s speech before the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree that reminded many of Hitler youth rallies of the 30’s, the Boy Scouts of America […]

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