Theresa May Un-Henged at Stonehenge?

June 21, 2017 D. Quixote

By Carter Awaye, June 21, 2017   Stonehenge —- Theresa May invited all of her EU colleagues to Stonehenge Tuesday night for the first of what she hopes will be an annual Summer Solstice Druid […]


White House Prepares New Loyalty Oath

June 14, 2017 D. Quixote

By Penelope Reingold, June 14, 2017   Washington —- The White House has been busy developing a new loyalty oath for all federal employees and will soon roll out the oath along with protocols for […]


Trump Gave Comey a Loyalty Card

June 9, 2017 D. Quixote

By Teddy Lin, June 9, 2017   Washington —- Former FBI Director James Comey revealed during Congressional testimony that Donald Trump has given his top administration personnel so-called loyalty cards that must receive an average […]


Neanderthals Call March on Washington

June 7, 2017 D. Quixote

By Ima Mason, June 7, 2017   Washington —- The Neanderthal community is fed up with all the social media hype calling out Donald Trump and other Republicans for being Neanderthals.  Yesterday, the National Association […]


Theresa May Flags Russia for Help

June 5, 2017 D. Quixote

By Christian Winter, June 5, 2017   London —- As Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party erase the big lead the Conservatives expected to have going into Thursday’s election, an increasingly desperate Theresa May is […]

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