Dr. Faustus Inaugural Ball is On!

January 19, 2017 D. Quixote

By Roger Lame, January 19, 2017   Baltimore —- Citizens for a Democratic America (CDA) confirmed today that they will indeed sponsor an Inaugural Ball, the Dr. Faustus Inaugural Ball, on January 20.  While not […]


Ringling Brothers Bows to Trump Circus

January 15, 2017 D. Quixote

By Christian Winter, January 15, 2017   Orlando —- Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey ® Circus is going out of business, no longer able to compete with Trump Twitter Circus, an online venture that […]


Trump to Play Meryl Streep on Screen

January 13, 2017 D. Quixote

By Musby Kidden, January 13, 2017   Hollywood —- President-elect Trump tweeted today that he will play Meryl Streep in a lush biopic of the actress scheduled for filming later this year.  Gabby Goggles of […]


US Foes to Neutralize Trump with Insult Campaign

January 11, 2017 D. Quixote

By Ima Mason, January 11, 2017   London —-  British intelligence, alarmed by Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election, quietly investigated communications between Russia and the WikiLeaks contingent at the London Ecuadorean Embassy.  What […]


Trump Employs Mexicans to Build Walls

January 8, 2017 D. Quixote

By Nurdie Scrit, January 8, 2017   The Trump Organization is rushing to build fortress-like walls around all Trump commercial properties in the United States. Having determined federal security agencies are not reliable enough to […]


Trump Offers Putin California

January 6, 2017 D. Quixote

By Ima Mason, January 6, 2017   Anaheim —- California’s announcement this week that it will hire Eric Holder to defend the state against Donald Trump caught many political observers by surprise.  No one is […]


Republicans Introduce Viagra Tax Break

January 1, 2017 D. Quixote

By Musby Kidden, January 1, 2017   Washington —- Republicans have drafted the Pro-life Act, a new bill that will give 100% tax breaks on male enhancement drugs, including the popular Viagra and Cialis prescription-only […]

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